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NFL Live Streams | Watch NFL Games Live Online

If you love watching American Football you’ll be eager to know where to find high-quality NFL live streams during the season.

Not every streaming service is suitable for NFL fans, with some platforms failing to include key channels in their sports packages.

League bosses recently renegotiated most of the broadcast rights for the NFL, running from the 2023 season to the end of the 2033 campaign.

Thursday, Sunday and Monday coverage remains intact, while the Super Bowl will rotate between several channels.

NFL Live Streams – Your Options

If you have a suitable digital device and a stable Wi-Fi connection, there are a ton of ways you can access live streams of NFL games.

For fans in the United States, platforms such as NFL Network, FOX, Amazon Prime Video, Twitch, CBS, NBC, ABC and ESPN are the best places to find NFL streams.

Amazon, Apple and Disney are all reportedly interested in securing the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket from 2022, marking a further shift towards streaming services.

North American NFL fans generally don’t have to worry about regional broadcast rights, with live streams available nationally throughout the season.

NFL fans in other jurisdictions are also well catered for. Here are some of the best other places to find NFL live streams if you live outside the US.

Sky Sports

UK-based NFL fans can watch up to six games each week courtesy of Sky Sports. A subscription provides access to the Sky Go app, where fans can live stream the action.

In addition to live matches, Sky’s dedicated NFL channel offers a wide range of supporting content designed to keep fans engaged throughout the season.

Anyone without direct access to Sky Sports has the option of purchasing a monthly package via NOW TV or watching free highlights on the BBC iPlayer.

NFL Streams on Reddit

For many American Football fans, Reddit is the go-to destination for NFL streams, providing them with a simple way to find live games in one place.

Some NFL subreddits have built up huge followings, with fans using Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology to get around copyright issues.

Sites such as do an excellent job collating NFL live streams by listing the best subreddit forums in each individual game listing.


Streaming service DAZN offers extensive coverage of the NFL, airing games from the pre-season right through to the Super Bowl at the end of the campaign.

It comes with support for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation and laptop/PC streaming (including Mac devices).

DAZN also regularly offers free one-month trials, allowing you to see if the service meets your needs before parting with your hard-earned cash.

NFL Game Pass

The league’s own streaming service NFL Game Pass is one of the best ways for international audiences to live stream NFL games during the season.

A Game Pass Pro subscription gives you access to every pre-season, regular season and play-off game live, plus the Super Bowl.

While some games are subject to blackout in certain jurisdictions due to deals with local broadcasters, the service still provides excellent value for money.

VPN for Live Streaming

Most fans who have searched for live NFL streams will have endured the frustration of discovering that the content has been geo-blocked.

Many broadcasters use special software to ensure their footage can be viewed in specific jurisdictions, but this can be circumvented by using VPN technology.

One of the most reliable services is Express VPN, which can be downloaded to various devices including Android, iOS, Fire TV, PC, Mac and smart TVs.