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The Future of Virtual Reality in Sports Betting

Sports betting has been around for a long time. Indeed, it is one of the latest forms of public betting activities. UK residents have been familiar with betting on horse races since the 19th century. At that time there were paper slips and physical bookkeeping. Today the same activity has become virtual and online. Customers can visit Trannel International Casinos UK or several other sites to place bets on their favourite sports events.

Virtual Reality and What it Means in Sports Betting

Some casino sites and game developers are dabbling in the world of virtual reality. It requires extensive changes in how the software is developed. For instance, a single game that works in VR devices needs to show players every minute detail of the game. That is, if it is a table game players will feel as if they have walked into a poker room or a casino room with the dealer in session. They will see the dealer giving out the cards as if they were sitting right there with them. 

The same works for sports betting VR software as well. William Hill is one of the renowned bookmaker brands in this industry. They are currently teaming up with a digital production enterprise called Unit9. The company is coming up with a horse racing prototype software called Get in the Race. The software aims to provide the experience of live betting. It is pairing up with Google Cardboard Viewer. This VR viewer software will give players a chance to experience horse races live.

VR Experience in Horse Race Betting

When it comes to ordinary bets on horse races, some websites offer live updates of the races. Some might provide a live feed of the races as well. However, VR software on horse race betting offers a live view of the races as well. That is, players can experience races in a new way. At the same time, the game’s software collects data that is real-time of the races. It is done with GPS trackers. Results are futuristic such as:

  • Players can see the horses from the jockey’s point of view.
  • Users get to see all data on their racehorse such as heart rate, stride length, distance remaining and race position.

Currently, certain races are available in VR software format. For instance, live races at Kempton Park. Players get to experience the day’s events with incredible accuracy. Hence, the aim of such software goes beyond the simple win-or-lose scenario. VR in sports betting, especially in horse races, helps players get a taste of the races in real time. It is akin to how extravagant betting on casino games at a casino in Las Vegas. Hence, VR software helps players get more involved in the races. They can get broader experiences of the games that they bet on.

VR Betting Shops

Companies are also making VR headsets available at betting shops. Race viewers will then have the opportunity to have a viewing angle of jockeys as they sit on horses. They will also experience realistic movements. It is as per the live data of the chosen horse. Hence, players get to experience most of the physical movements of a race. It is as though they are riding the horses themselves. Such experiences aim to capture the interest of the younger generation. Betting shops are also being digitised to give players an experience of how things used to be in the olden times.

How VR Changes Online Sports Betting?

Today the audience for online betting, even in sports, is the younger generation. Hence, VR is focused on getting them experience-focused events, especially for big events, and demand for this is high as evidenced by the success of ventures like XStadium. These are the games and tournaments that most people would like to attend in person. With VR shows sports betting will help millennials and Generation Z engage even more. It will help get people interested in games or sports that they had not much interest in. 

Users in VR sports betting will get a betting experience that is 360 degrees. They can place bets online or through apps. They will also get to experience attending large sports events. All this will also encourage players to invest in VR equipment and software. Hence, there are opportunities and markets for the latest high-tech gear in VR as never before.

The Path Ahead

With the possibilities mentioned above, betting companies are preparing to invest in VR innovations and equipment. They are also looking at digital assets that will get them more presence in the market. Hence, the future of VR in sports betting does look lucrative and attractive. It goes for bookmakers as well as for gamblers. Of course, the latter will have to spend considerably more on such experiences. However, VR will get players experiences in contrast to simple wins and losses at the sports betting portals.

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