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Javier Tebas makes tongue-in-cheek ESL comment over Real Madrid’s UCL draw against PSG

Javier Tebas makes tongue-in-cheek ESL comment over Real Madrid's UCL draw against PSG

La Liga president Javier Tebas has reminded Real Madrid of their European Super League (ESL) desires after they complained about the Champions League round of 16 draw.

UEFA declared the first draw on Monday null and void after a technical glitch.

Madrid, who had drawn Benfica in the first draw, were unhappy with UEFA’s decision since the glitch occurred after their draw was made.

However, UEFA refused to entertain any complaints and remade the draw where Madrid were pitted against Paris Saint-Germain.

Madrid president Florentino Perez has expressed his dissatisfaction and wants UEFA to revert to the first draw.

La Liga president Javier Tebas has weighed in on the matter by saying Madrid are not at fault since their fixture was finalised before the glitch.

However, Tebas added a cheeky comment by saying Madrid should be happy they got PSG instead because the Galacticos have been desperate to compete in “big matches”.

Tebas was referring to Perez’s daring plan to start the ESL.

The ESL plan was started in April 2021 by some of the biggest clubs n European football and was spearheaded by Perez.

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Tebas’ comment has undoubtedly hit the wrong chord with ESL sympathisers.

According to his previous comments, Perez should be happy he has a chance to face PSG and not play another dour match against Benfica.

Perez’s plan to start the ESL collapsed, but fans were not impressed with how the game was being monetised by the so-called big clubs.

In almost an ironic turn of events, Perez has got rid of his primary headache of not being able to play in “big matches”.

All that remains to be seen now is whether Madrid will overcome the big match barrier or exit the Champions League after losing to PSG.

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