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Cristiano Ronaldo fires back at France Football editor over Ballon d’Or lies and Lionel Messi rivalry

Cristiano Ronaldo fires back at France Football editor over Ballon d'Or lies and Lionel Messi rivalry

Cristiano Ronaldo shared a lengthy, emotional message on social media dismissing the sensational claims made about him by Ballon d’Or editor Pascal Ferre.

Ferre told New York Times on Friday that Ronaldo had confided in the editor about his only ambition in life being to win more Ballon d’Ors than Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi won a record seventh Ballon d’Or last night, whereas Ronaldo was not even involved in the top three battle for the prestigious award.

The Manchester United forward’s absence from the gala event in Paris added fuel to the fire.

With social media erupting over the remarks made by Ferre, Ronaldo took to Instagram to deny all claims made by the France Football editor.

Ronaldo clarified that he wins only for himself and not against anyone.

He expressed sadness at Ferre’s attempt to promote himself by using his name for publicity.

The Portuguese captain has won five Ballon d’Ors in his illustrious career.

Our View

Ronaldo and Messi have been competitors from the early stages of their careers.

Ronaldo’s move to Real Madrid saw the rise of one of the biggest rivalries in world football with Messi representing Barcelona.

The iconic duo swapped the Ballon d’Or between themselves for ten straight seasons while dominating the sport.

It will take several years, if not decades, for football to witness greatness of such stature again.

Ronaldo has never shied away from competition and has often openly spoken about his desire to be the best.

He has also spoken about how Messi has helped him improve his game due to the competitive levels between the two players.

From Ronaldo’s interviews over the years, it has been clear that he aspires to be nothing but the best but never suffers from insecurity and jealousy from the success of his opponents.

He is a born winner and, like Messi, focuses only on himself.

While it is still unknown why Ferre made such controversial comments, it is easy to look beyond his remarks and continue to enjoy the rivalry as it enters its twilight stage.

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