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British government takes major decision on fan-led review over Premier League football

British government takes major decision on fan-led review over Premier League football

The British government has decided to back the fan-led review as it feels Premier League football needs a ‘strong, independent regulator’.

The review forum was sparked after the collapse of the European Super League (ESL) in April this year.

The consortium’s primary task is to bring accountability to all major aspects of professional football in England.

The review has made 47 recommendations, including slapping a transfer tax on clubs and creating shadow boards for fans to make their voices heard.

It also suggests amending the system to create solidarity and stability in the English football pyramid.

The government supported the review in parliament on Thursday.

Legislation of the report via the Queen’s speech next spring is also a probable outcome, according to The Guardian.

Our View

The overnight formation of ESL was a plan set in motion years ago.

It was only a surprise to the fans – otherwise known as one of the major stakeholders of the clubs.

The new review will take some time to work out its kinks.

However, the notion of putting club owners and directors in check with the help of a shadow board and a ‘golden share‘ formed by and for the fans can only help increase the overall welfare of the concerned clubs.

Football, although more of a commercial product in the modern-day, is still primarily an element of emotion and heritage for every single fan.

Having their voices heard can only be good news for football, a sport otherwise known as ‘a game for the masses’.

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