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Video: Barcelona’s 12-year-olds are better than most professional footballers

Perhaps the most defining aspect of Johan Cruyff’s legacy is the values he imbued in FC Barcelona, from the first team right down to La Masia, the youth academy. More than 20 years since Cruyff left Barca, La Masia is still producing outrageously talented footballers.

In fact, these 12 year olds are probably better at football than most people will be at anything in life, ever. They certainly have the skills (if not the physical build) to outplay most professional footballers.

The video below is an extended highlights reel from the final of the Mediterranean International Cup, played between Barcelona’s Alevin A and their Madrid counterparts. The young Barca players won 2-0, but it was the quality of the build up play more than anything else that highlighted their ability and the gulf in class between the talent available to Barcelona and to other clubs.

In fact, their play was reminiscent of the current Barcelona team, minus the sensational finishing abilities of Messi, Neymar and Suarez. Which I’m sure these kids will master in the next few years.

And if you are wondering what the big deal is about 12 year olds playing football, check out these highlights:

One of the most talented youngsters at Barcelona is young Xavi Quentin Simons, a recent graduate of Alevin A. His highlight reel from last season:

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