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Renowned Russian pentathlete Alexander Kukarin, 22, dies in unexpected circumstances

Russian pentathlete Alexander Kukarin has unexpectedly died aged 22, with the cause thought to have been a heart attack.

The distinguished athlete passed away at a Moscow hotel last Thursday, with a reported cardiac arrest stated as an early reason.

Kukarin’s death was confirmed in a statement by the Modern Pentathlon Federation of Russia.

“Modern Pentathlon Federation of Russia is sad to announce that on November 26 Russian pentathlete Alexander Kukarin died,” the acknowledgement on the organisation’s official website reads.

“Modern Pentathlon Federation of Russia expresses condolences to the families and friends of the athlete.”

The statement continued by ruling out foul play or suspicious circumstances.

“We did not find any signs that he had been attacked, while there were no suspicious signs,” it said.

“The athletes have finished their season and Alexander was not at a training camp. An unexpected cardiac arrest is our initial diagnosis. The autopsy and final results will be ready in one and a half to two months.”

Kukarin’s proudest competitive moment came as he won a relay silver at the 2015 World Championships in Berlin earlier this year.

The Russian also claimed a bronze medal in the mixed relay at the 2015 European Championships in Bath back in August.

The 22-year-old was also a champion of junior sport, winning World and European tournaments back in 2011.

Kukarin was buried at a St Petersburg cemetery on Sunday.

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