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Pictures Appear To Show Greg Hardy’s Ex-Girlfriend’s Injuries

Dallas Cowboys player Greg Hardy inflicted injuries on his then-girlfriend Nicole Holder in May 2014. Deadspin have published pictures which appear to show Holder’s injuries, including bruises to her neck, chin, torso and back.

Hardy appeared in a trial in July 2014 and sentenced to 18 months in prison, although he appealed and the charges were dropped when Holder failed to show up in court at the jury trial.

Some backstory: in May 2014, Hardy reportedly injured Holder by first throwing her onto a bed, and then into a bathtub. He then flung her onto a futon covered in firearms, which Hardy told police were loaded. He then threw some jewelery that he had given her into a toilet, and when she attempted to get it out, slammed the lid on her arm. After this, he dragged by her hair from room to room, then put his arms around her neck and told her he was going to kill her.

Despite this, Holder and Hardy settled out of court, which meant Hardy remained free to play football and didn’t get any jail time. He signed for the Cowboys in March this year, where he’s gone on to be an even bigger sporting star than he was before. The Cowboys apparently did not have access to the pictures when they signed Hardy, according to Mark Maske of The Washington Post, despite knowing about the domestic violence case and the violence Hardy inflicted on Holder.

A month after the Cowboys had signed Hardy, he was banned by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for 10 games, telling the defensive end that an investigation by the NFL had, “determined that there was sufficient credible evidence that Hardy engaged in conduct that violated NFL policies in multiple respects and with aggravating circumstances.” This was later reduced to 4 games after an appeal.

As Hardy was attacking her, Holder thought she was going to kill him; she told Detective Faye Strother that “He was gonna kill me, this is it…this is the time. He’s actually gonna do it.” According to the transcript of the interview Deadspin published, this was when Holder was being strangled by Hardy; in Deadspin’s pictures you can see the marks where Hardy’s hands were around her neck.

Hardy claimed at the trial that Holder’s injuries were self-inflicted; she also claimed this, saying that nothing had happened and when asked where the scratches on her arm had appeared from, saying she did them herself. At first she refused to talk to police, but later opened up and gave her account of the story.

Hardy, meanwhile, is still playing football. On November 5, the charges were expunged from his record, meaning that they officially don’t exist. When you look at the injuries Holder received, this feels like little justice, especially when it’s not known how the case was resolved out of court between the two.

The Dallas Cowboys’ next game is on Monday November 9, a game at which Hardy is likely to play a part in.

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